Achieving Outcomes, Transforming Lives

Select Lifestyles

Select Lifestyles Limited was established in 2007. Our vision as an organisation was to embrace the individuality of all the people we support, whilst promoting independence, encouraging personal achievement and maximising upon the sometimes hidden potential people with disabilities may, and often do, posses. Potential which is quite often overlooked due to a lack of opportunity, availability of resources and/or discrimination.

Whenever an individual or group of individuals manage to achieve against all odds, and demonstrate the ability to pursuit their ambitions, dreams and choices through enablement, giving the individual control of their own life. This is something that as an organisation we believe should be celebrated and recognised.

To achieve our objectives we strive to be honest, transparent, fair, non-discriminatory and ethical in all that we do.

We also believe that all people regardless of ability are entitled to a full and eventful lifestyle, and that all people are entitled to feel valued and included within society. It’s our mission to deliver this.

We share the vision that each individual receiving a service should be entitled to:

  • Improved healthcare
  • Improved quality of life
  • Make a positive contribution
  • Exercise choice and control
  • Freedom from discrimination and harassment
  • Economic well being
  • Personal dignity
  • Social inclusion

Our focus is to support each individual and to easily access support services they may need to achieve their true potential.