Steven’s Work Experience Feedback

Steven, joined New Cross Hospital volunteering in the kitchens, shortly after completing his college cooking course. Following his time spent working, he fed back to us with rave reviews stating that; ‘I loved all of the things I had to do in my job, but my favourite part was the cooking. I’m a cooker, I love cooking – it’s my hobby.’

The team at New Cross Hospital have been kind enough to feed back to Steven with his progress on how they felt his work experience went on this week; outlined below:

Steven joined us at the CPU for a two-week, work experience programme back in September. Steven was very enthusiastic about this opportunity and certainly did not disappoint when he arrived and, for the duration of his time with us.

Steven was fully engaged in most aspects of the Food production unit and conducted himself exemplary through his approach, attitude and can-do mentality with all the tasks that were set for him.

The production team took Steven to their hearts and all were very sad when his work experience programme came to an end, that just shows how infectious Steven’s determination and personality was perceived by everyone he came into contact with.

Although this was great opportunity for Steven to fully experience the work place, it was also inspiring for the members of our team here at the CPU who also took great benefit from the experience. One thing that stood out for me when discussing Stevens progress with his coach was the following statement; ‘For people like Steven, work experience is not about machines and tasks only, it is also about the experience of working and engaging with people, which is just as important.’

I believe we should all take up these opportunities when made available, to allow candidates like Steven the chance experience fully the workplace and what it has to offer. I am sure there are more Stevens out there!!

Best of luck Steven and thanks for joining us.

Catering Production Manager | Hotel Services, New Cross Hospital