Our frequently asked Payroll questions:

We’ve put together a set of frequently asked questions that can help you with any queries you may have regarding your salary. 

These questions we frequently get asked have been answered below.

1. Salary Payment

Your salary payment is for the month it is paid, eg Salary paid 30th September is the salary payment for September.

2. Overtime and Sickness

This is in arrears, so the payments you would receive at the end of September would be your salary payment for September plus or minus any overtime or sickness that you had in August. 

3. Flexi Bank Workers

Flexi bank workers are paid in arrears, therefore any work done in September, would be paid at the end of October.

4. Annual Leave Entitlement

The annual leave entitlement is accrued each month until the full entitlement is achieved, therefore if someone left the company at the end of September, their annual leave entitlement would be calculated from the beginning of the holiday year (which is July) until the date that they are leaving e.g if someone left at the end of September and they were full time (37.50 hours) they would have accrued 17.50 each month x 3 =  52.50.  If an employee had taken too much annual leave this would be deducted from their last payment.

5. Annual Leave Showing on Payslip

The annual leave is not shown on the payslip, it is just added onto the hours that you actually work in the month.

6. Problems with clocking in or out or forgot to swipe

If you forget to swipe in or out for a shift or are unable to swipe in or out you will need to contact Ken Hopkins at Head Office on 0330 333 7484 as soon as possible. All hours are taken off the biometric Maxtime System for processing pay.

7. Online Payslips

A Welcome Email from Sage Online will come through as soon as an employee starts and a payslip is produced.  Follow the link which tells you what to do in order to create log in.  If you do not receive an email check your junk mail or spam folders first before contacting the Payroll department.

8. Online  Payslips Passwords

We do not have access to Employees passwords, so you will need to keep a note of it for your use. If you are having problems with your password, then click the forgot password link, which will enable you to reset your password.

9. Nest Pension

If you have had pension taken out of your salary and wish to Opt Out, you will need to contact Nest Pension on 0300 020 0393 and tell them that you wish to Opt Out. They will then inform us of this along with any refunds we need to make.

Still need to talk to Payroll?

Please get in touch with our Payroll department by email on payroll@selectlifestyles.co.uk