Miss P’s Story

Miss P is a young female who previously lived with her mother (who has a learning disability), in the community, without any support or involvement.

Miss P and her mother became known to the Local Authority because her mother was unable to keep her daughter safe from harm.

Miss P has a diagnosis of autism, mental health issues, a learning disability and behaviours that challenge. Miss P and her mother were accommodated in a safe place by the Local Authority and during this time a referral was made by the Social Worker to Select Lifestyles for long term support and accommodation.

Miss P had a transition period where she developed a rapport with her support team and she was supported to move into her own accommodation, something that was very scary but also exciting for her.

Miss P benefitted from choosing and purchasing items she needed for her new flat and being thoroughly involved in her move.

Miss P has positively benefitted from a move from residential care living with her mother, to independent living in her own flat within a supported living scheme. She is accessing the community for activities, going shopping, having her hair done each week, going to football matches and developing her daily living skills. She has made positive moves to become more independent away from her reliance on her mother to do everything for her; she is now doing things for herself with support. Miss P also has a boyfriend and has developed friendships with other services users living close to her (who are also supported to live independently).

Miss P has ongoing complex needs and we have worked closely with her to support her day to day and to attend numerous appointments with health professionals and the Local Authority. As a result of this close working relationship, we have been able to develop strong working relationships with the professionals involved with Miss P. Miss P has been supported with managing her complex behaviours and attending health appointments, and as a result, a reduction in her behaviours has occurred. Miss P has benefited from a great staff team around her, a team that have worked consistently with her, and a team that have gotten to know her values and beliefs and, as a result, she has been able to develop a strong trusting working relationship with them.

Miss P has successfully managed to improve and increase her skills which have resulted in her having her weekly support reduced slightly to reflect this. This has resulted in Miss P having some periods of the day to her, something she is very happy and enthusiastic about.

All of this has been achieved since 2016 after being supported by Select Lifestyles.