Mr A’s Story

Mr A is a young man who moved from living with his father into supported living accommodation with 24 hour support at the age of 20.

With staff support, direction and guidance, Mr A was able to develop new skills and improve on his independence, away from his previous dependency on his father.

Mr A has moved from 24 hour supported living, for supported living with 12 daily hours of support, to moving again with 14 hours per week. Mr A has developed to his full potential, partly due to his own determination and development and partly due to the hard work of the staff team that have supported him. He has learnt daily living skills, such as cooking, managing his money and budgeting.

Mr A is now looking forward to moving on to living in mainstream accommodation with floating tenancy support, a move that has only been possible due to him maximising his development and potential and having the positive influence and support of staff around him from Select Lifestyles.