“My son has been living in supported living with Select Lifestyles since mid 2012 and I can see the changes in him since being there. Knowing my son is taught all the things he needs to know before maybe living totally independent one day is comforting. The scheme is always clean and I know that safety for all is at the top of their list. I would highly recommend Select Lifestyles.”

Mrs W – Walsall, West Midlands

“I have enjoyed a good relationship with the management and staff team at the home in which my son resides. My son has been resident since 2008 during which time his needs have been catered for very well. My son has been integrated well with other residents and there is good communication between staff and family.”

Mr H – Wolverhampton, West Midlands

“Our son has been with Select Lifestyles now since the start of 2014 and is happy and settled. The move has been far smoother and less traumatic that we ever dared hope for! Our son had a relatively short transition and the staff couldn’t do enough for him. Right from the start we were introduced to his key worker. The key worker consistently came to pick our son up from home to take him to the scheme, so very quickly he got to know and trust him. The transition started with tea visits and then a couple of whole days and then he stayed over for a night. We were asked what colour we would like the bedroom and it was decorated and furnished beautifully. The assessment process was thorough and effective and already staff seem to know our son very well. We’ve had emails and photographs of the outings he’s been on and is certainly doing far more than he would have done at home. The scheme has a good relationship with the school and is still using the home school book which is so important for communication. We are so pleased with the scheme -that’s an understatement really. Our son is happy, settled, learning and having fun with his housemates. We trust the staff and are getting our lives back! Thank you very much.”

Mr & Mrs T – Wolverhampton, West Midlands

“I love it, the staff are great and it’s a pleasure to work with the service users”

“My Manager makes me feel valued”

“Supportive Management team and Head Office are approachable”

“I absolutely love the job, we get on great here”

“I feel there is a lot of training available to me”

“I always get a thank you and feel valued”

“I really enjoy working with the service users”

“Our staff team is brilliant, we really support each other”

“The service users live a great life, all their needs are met”

“Team Leaders and Managers are very supportive”

“I love working with the service users and forming a bond of trust with them”

Our Staff Testimonials

“Select is my home. It is my dysfunctional family. Almost like wedding vows, we are together through thick and thin and staff are always there for us, even when we get on their very last nerve. But we do love ’em. We may call you all things under the sun but you are our no1”

Service User B.S – Wolverhampton, West Midlands

“I have been living with Select Lifestyles since 2008. The staff support me to have a good life, they listen to me and help me to make my own decisions. I enjoy going out with my staff on holidays and activities. I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else”

Service User S.B – Wolverhampton, West Midlands