What is Shared Housing?

Shared housing is a common form of provision for people with learning disabilities in ordinary or purpose built houses shared by a small number of people.

Typically these are shared between 3, 4 or 5 people. Each person has their own bedroom in the house and the rest of the property is communal space used by all the tenants collectively and normally this will include at least a lounge, kitchen and dining area.

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An alternative to residential care that empowers you to choose the right amount of support that’s right for you, enabling you to live a more independent lifestyle within a shared house environment.

Our Shared Housing Services:

Our person-centred approach:

Our person-centred approach is set out to empower the people we support. We create a culture for all to achieve outcomes and to become as independent as possible with successful integration into the local community. At Select Lifestyles we strive to achieve this through our core values:

  • Empowering people to live the life they want.
  • Creating and sharing meaningful experiences with every encounter.
  • Building relationships on trust and understanding.
  • Striving to remove any potential barriers to continue to achieve outcomes and goals.
  • Always treating people with dignity and encouraging everyone to reach their true potential.

Thinking of making a referral?

Please contact our referral team on 0330 333 7484 or email referrals@selectlifestyles.co.uk